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Damon Lawrence


Damon's experience in hospitality stretches among some of the best brands in the world. He began his journey in the nations capital as a front desk agent for the Thompson Hotel Group’s Donovan House Hotel in Midtown DC. From there, Damon moved within management ranks at companies such as Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental Hotel Group & Dusit International.

In 2014, Damon created the Homage Hospitality brand and oversees operations and creative direction.


Marcus Carey


Born and raised in Detroit, Marcus Carey's earliest dreams were inspired by entrepreneurship. Years of honing those interests led to his current fascination with businesses and markets driven by culture.

After getting his training wheels from stints in private equity w/ CCMP Capital and venture capital w/ SVB Capital, Marcus joined Damon to help launch the Homage Hospitality brand in 2016. The consummate problem solver, he leads our business strategy and fundraising efforts.


Chimene Jackson


Chimene Jackson is an innovation strategist curious about designing interactions, challenging ideas with the introduction of foreignness; treating spaces, products and their impacts as ecosystems and the preservation of cultural instincts in design. She is also a painter and diarist using her brand to explore soulful brand copy and the reimagination of stationery for women of colour.

Chimene joined Homage Hospitality in 2015 and leads our innovation strategy.