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Inspired by the inherent hospitality of Black culture, we’ve recognized that a #newkindofhospitality is necessary to carve new space into this landscape that redefines it and addresses the needs of a new generation’s traveler. This hospitality has a style, an image, a very specific feeling and, yes, even a sound that has been historically proven to create environments for original ideas to form, for culture-creators to arise. Homage we want to maximize the opportunities of replicating this atmosphere so guests can operate creatively, take up space and take their place.

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Mani Draper is the author of both UMBER cover stories. His new album TV BABIES releases June 21.

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Mani Draper’s new album TV Babies releases June 21, 2019. Visit his website here.

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Works by Reggie Black. (R): 'MOST: Affirmation'

Works by Reggie Black. (R): 'MOST: Affirmation'

Learn more about Reggie at IG: @iamreggieblack

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Learn more about Mike’s work at IG: @doesitevenmatter

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L-R: Lateef photographed by DuanexGaray, Lateef’s first album “The Kiss”, and Lateef as lensed by his brother Shahkeem Williams
Learn more about Lateef on his website. Follow his instagram here.

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Artwork by Nicholls. L-R: "Anxiety of the Stutter Box: Part 1.", “Nigerian Swag”, “Black Head” 
Learn more about Mike’s work with UMBER magazine here. Follow them on Instagram here.

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