There is a lineage of greats that came before you, drew the blueprints and established the patterns for what you’re doing--all of this is an inheritance that’s yours for the taking. When you can’t find a reference for what it is you’re trying to do, in their legacies, histories, and geographies you have a precedent. That’s your base, your foundation.

Late nights, early mornings, exhaustion, hits and misses, starting and restarting--all of this for a concept you are making tangible. The implications of what you’re capable of may not be clear, but you are doing what has yet to be seen and all of us are waiting for it.  Keep working it out, anywhere that welcomes the chaos of your creativity. The vision might take up more room than your furniture, and that’s ok so long as you don’t make the room your limits.

When the struggles are repetitive, stay curious, stay compelled, maintain your conviction. Impatience with stagnancy can spark (re)invention.  And don’t get bored with creating--you have something to say and we need to hear it. The truth you’ve (l)earned will be another person's gain--remember this. And when it feels like you’re unseen in the dark, know that if you stay as relentless as your dreams there will be light.

Right now everything might not be clear, but as your ideas expand (they should), keep (re)drafting their possibilities and prophesying their components with every raw resource you possess.  Your zeal defies gravity:  use it to explore your space and create another world.  Daily a new surge of energy to create your tomorrow will rise, reminding you why you took this challenge: adding truth to your dare. The process is ugly, the journey is long; but the end result is ownership.      

You already know there’s no returning to where you came from--the moves you’ve made hold you accountable.  No regressing into a mentality of hoping to win life in the lottery. No reuniting with the past lie that you can’t tell the future you’re coming.  If you knew the full extent of the greatness you contain you’d see why the legend always becomes legendary. Know this: even if all you’ve done is glance at a legacy--you are still mandated to leave one.

Awaken your excellence, emerge and take your place.