Inspired by those who perform the ultimate act of hospitality:
making room for themselves.


The ones who think differently with their work,
who are pushing themselves to get what’s
in their head into the world, who want
something more for themselves and are
willing to create legacy to find it.

inclining ourselves to their movements,
we are learning how to create a different kind
of hospitality experience necessary to inspire,
provoke, and protect such individuals.


more than hotels

Inspired by the way culture-creators and innovators take up space, we use hospitality as a medium to speculate alternative futures and create new ideas.

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connect with us

Your work, your ideas, your creativity has a room with us. Hospitality gives us an ecosystem of possibilities to work with you, no matter your medium.

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time to think differently

In order to do something different, you have to think in a different way. You want to see something you’ve never seen? You have to play.

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