We’ve created Homage Suite because we don’t
claim to know it all or have it all figured out.
Your dopeness has room with us. No idea is too crazy.
No skillset is too irrelevant. Let’s build.

If you’d like to connect for collaborating/contributing art to The Moor, go here.


We’re building something we’ve never seen before. It’s scary and thrilling and we aren’t trying to do it by ourselves. This is not about a hotel or series of hotels. It’s about creating livable, ecosystemic narratives, a #newkindofhospitalityand it needs brilliant minds coming together in dynamic, unprecedented ways to come to fruition.

FYI, we’re not just looking for “tech” people. There are dope culture-creators in every field/industry. We respect the intelligence passionate creators use to birth their work, and we want to know who you are. DJ? Glassblower? Carpenter? Furniture or lighting designer? Ceramicist? Poet? Chef? Reach out so we can start a conversation. Like you, the hospitality space has limitless possibilities. Let’s do this!

We want to connect with imaginative folk who think differently,
are radically curious, do mad dope sh*t, want to use their creativity in new channels, and want to form new collaborations to reimagine the future.


Student looking to contribute
to our concept?

Creative entrepreneur who wants to build?

Artist looking for a new way
to show your work?

Maker or artisan intrigued by
what we’re doing?

General tinkerer?

Connect with us.


Let’s build.

Name *
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Tell us what excites you about the hospitality space and ways you think your work can work within it! No connection is too wild, we promise!

Read more about our ideas and what inspires us on our innovation blog…(coming soon!)