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There is moor

With our first iteration of a hospitality space, we’re creating a new experience for our guests by curating an inhabitable installation for our guests. The concept is meant to mix history with futurism through art and curated multicultural artifacts and furniture. The experience we hope to provide is one that stirs reimagination of what is possible when speculative futuring dialogues with history and goes abroad. The Moor is more than just a BnB; we are working to craft it into a step into an imagination.

An inhabitable installation

An exhibition where you can book a stay. This is what we’re working towards. We are currently curating works to go throughout the property indoors, to create this narrative of an imaginative citizen tinkering with art and time and idea to imagine new pasts and futures. We’re looking for graphic designers to create commissioned work, for unfinished artworks (sketches, abandoned pieces), visual art (photo, painting, mixed media), and other forms of art to be displayed, from word (poetry, journal entries) to 3-D (furniture, sculpture, jewelry, lighting). We are open to other forms of art such as sound, botanical, and constructed environment (we have a backyard).

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The Moor being such a small property (4 rooms) gives us the opportunity to create a very intimate, dynamic experiences for our guests within their rooms. Every component of a guests’ journey within the property can be enhanced by interaction with a new idea in the form of a product or literature. If you would like to become a vendor (beauty, snacks, beverages) or would like to send your publication (small press, zine, book, comic, poetry etc.) to be places in our night stand libraries, please email chimene@stayhomage.com.

Artists, makers, etc.

The Moor is curating a 4-room (and the spaces between such as halls, etc) experience of art that spans as many mediums as possible. We are taking submissions for work to be shown at The Moor for at least 1 year. If you are interested please email chimene@stayhomage.com and include an attachment of the work you’d like to have installed at The Moor, as well as a description. We are also looking to purchase art for our permanent collection.



Mood: past meets a new man in the present to speculate the future.